About Me

Hi, I’m Emma from Virtual M, a professional author’s assistant and I’m here to make your life better…easier!

After a decade of project management experience, I decided to spread my wings and pursue a field that I’m passionate about; that I’m good at. 

I love books and the written word. I love the smell of them, holding them and sharing them with the world. It’s that passion that led me down the path to self publishing and it made perfect sense for me to partner with the people who do just that.

I serve authors, bloggers and writers who are pursuing their dream of being published. I take my experience, positive attitude and hard working mentality and support them through every stage. I bring to the table trust, loyalty and a wealth of knowledge. When you let me handle the business side of things, you’ll have more freedom and more time to write. 

Emma 70.3

I am creative and committed, and I understand the drive it takes to accomplish life goals. I’m the person that hated water so I became a scuba instructor. I loved fitness but didn’t believe for a second I’d ever compete in a triathlon; I did just that in 2017. A couple of months later I also ran a 100km ultra marathon, another one of my life goals. Nothing replaces hard work and when we work together, I’ll do just that for you. 

Whatever it is that brought you here, I hope you take the next step forward and connect with me.

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