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The Rise Of The Online Office – A Perfect Solution

As we find ourselves in extraordinary circumstances during the Coronavirus pandemic many businesses are looking at taking their business online. Even though all businesses have their everyday tasks to manage, not all businesses need a brick and mortar office or a support team that are physically present. With the power of the internet working online has never been easier and using online systems and outsourcing tasks and sometimes entire roles within the business is simple, convenient and encourages business growth. The risk is almost non-existent, and with there being no long term commitment, training and equipment costs the business owner can receive excellent value for money. 

Innovation in IT is the driving force behind the change in this working culture, and now secure platforms allowing communication and collaboration have made this transition to online working possible with all kinds of workers, whether employed, outsourced or entrepreneurial business owners.

Work Is No Longer a Place!

Where it used to be you ‘went to work’, with the appearance of the Coronavirus it may be that we need to be looking at the fact that the workplace no longer needs to be a physical location, but rather something that needs to be done, such as an activity or a task.

An online office could work out to be a financial and operational advantage over having a physical office with dedicated staff, as they can prove more productive and better value for money. 

The Perfect Solution

Two factors combine to work together and create the perfect solution in business support – online systems and virtual assistants. 

Virtual assistants can provide business support across a whole range of roles and work with a multitude of online systems. With the right virtual assistant, your workload can be reduced and your processes streamlined, positively transforming your business. Which in turn can provide a scalable basis from which to build your success.

The incredibly intuitive, practical and efficient online systems available at little or no cost, cover almost all business support areas such as blog management, project management, web development, website and blog maintenance, customer service, design and more!

Financial Benefit to Using an Online Office

By implementing an online office substantial savings in time and money can be recognised as costs are immediately cut. With an online office there’s no rent, rates or utility bills and each worker provides their own equipment and working space. The time savings made by using online office systems allow you to focus on your clients, concentrate on business growth and income generating tasks which in turn lead to more sales and more income!

Hiring a virtual assistant will provide you with professional support for your business at a fraction of the cost of employing staff. The time wasted in an office due to office politics and other interruptions is eliminated and you are only paying for the actual work the virtual assistant spends on your business.

Positive lifestyle changes are experienced by the virtual assistant working from home. There is no commute, allowing more time to spend actually working on tasks and time to spend with family and friends. Hours of working are also flexible to fit in with other necessary activities such as picking the children up from school. Other advantages experienced for the individual worker working from home with an internet connection is location independence and a reduction in travelling and clothing costs. All this leads to an improvement in wellbeing and productivity. So it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved!


Stay Safe and look after yourselves x


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