Ideas for Outsourcing Your Administration Online

Following on from the last blog in the ‘How Virtual Assistants can Help Small Businesses’ series, we are going to look at ideas for outsourcing your administration online. If you missed the last blog, ‘Ideas for Outsourcing your Project Management Online’, you can catch up with it here.

As a small business owner, if you recorded the time it took for all the tasks you carried out in your business each day for at least a week, you would probably find that 50% of your valuable time is taken up with tasks that really should be outsourced to a virtual assistant (VA). Let’s take a look at a few examples of where a virtual assistant can help you relieve a lot of that administrative headache.

Handling of Usernames and Passwords

It’s really amazing just how many individual web pages require registration, the creation of a username and password. Some of the sites must be secure, of course, while others do not really contain any sensitive information but want to restrict access. A virtual assistant can help keep a secure database of all this information.

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