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Ideas for Outsourcing Your Design Projects Online

Following on from the last blog in the ‘How Virtual Assistants can Help Small Businesses’ series, we are going to look at ideas for outsourcing your design projects. If you missed the last blog, ‘Ideas for Outsourcing your Daily Schedule Online’, you can catch up with it here.

If you have ever tried using Adobe, Corel or some other desktop design programme you have probably found that they have quite a steep learning curve. You can learn the programmes yourself but it all takes time, time that you probably don’t have. As a small business owner, you should be working on business creation and not on all of the ancillary elements associated with marketing your business. This is where having a virtual assistant (VA) onboard can help.

Blog Design

A blog is a must have for a small business, to enable you to reach out to people and show them that you can be trusted in your particular field. A blog is much more interactive than your website, as you can impart your knowledge, advice and provide entertainment and information prompting people to comment and build a relationship. A great tool to use for your blog is WordPress and your virtual assistant will be able to configure it so that it looks the part. There are a number of ways that this can be done, but it requires certain knowledge and experience to make sure it’s done right.

Banner Ad Creations

There are now many ways to advertise your business, and you may choose to place banner ads through networks such as Google Adwords. You must always ensure, however, that your ads do your business justice. First impressions are important, so don’t try to do this yourself, let your virtual assistant create a professional looking banner for use in these campaigns.

Logo Design

Your logo tells a story about your organisation in graphic form. Rather than your VA working on designs that you may ultimately discard, ask them to work on a number of different options. They can come up with a number of possible alternatives while you work on more important, business related matters.

Graphic Design

Is it time to revamp your business appearance? Do you feel that your current appearance doesn’t really reflect your business anymore as you have branched out into new areas? Here is where a virtual assistant can help you, by doing all the work involved in creating the initial imagery. Then once approved by you they can work to integrate the new artwork into your marketing materials.

When it comes to design work as the business owner you really should only be saying yes or no as part of the approval process for new concepts. Everything else should be outsourced to the VA if you want to ensure that your time is productive.

Next time we shall look at Ideas for Outsourcing Your Website Development Online.


See you soon
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If you would like to chat and discuss further how a VA can help support you with your blog or your business contact me or drop me a message over on my Facebook page, it would be great to hear from you.


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