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Ideas for Outsourcing Your Multimedia Projects Online

Following on from the last blog in the ‘How Virtual Assistants can Help Small Businesses’ series, we are going to look at ideas for outsourcing your multimedia projects. If you missed the last blog, ‘Ideas for Outsourcing your Website Development Online’, you can catch up with it here.

Video has become very popular and it shouldn’t come as a complete shock to us that almost everyone prefers to watch a moving image rather than read something in order to pick up the same information. Both video and audio represent dynamic media options as they are now both available and accessible to every small business owner online. There is quite a lot to appreciate technically, however, but get the right virtual assistant and they will know exactly what to do.

Video Creation

As a small business owner you have a story to tell, why not turn that story into a video? Let your virtual assistant help you to create a video, with audio overlay based on voice or music. These videos can be as simple as a slideshow format or they can be a lot more sophisticated. Let your virtual assistant create short videos for Facebook and Instagram, or add to your YouTube channel or website. You could even start with outsourcing the design work associated with creating the video to your virtual assistant.

Video Imagery

The virtual assistant can be responsible for creating a truly professional, dynamic and hard-hitting “intro” that can, in turn, be used whenever an informational video of yours is displayed to a prospect online. Never underestimate the importance of portraying your organisation, no matter how small, in a very powerful light using a variety of special effects and audio.

Video Hosting

Not too long ago videos used to represent quite a problem for webmasters as they were very large and would use a lot of bandwidth. This isn’t the case anymore. Now, there are many different ways available when it comes to rendering the actual video file itself. Your virtual assistant can ensure that there are no hurdles associated with the display of your video, without interruption, buffering and so on, to whoever wants to see it.

Video Marketing

Marketing your video is just as important as distributing your articles to top line directories and other authority sites online. The videos that your VA produces need to be seen and found through various dedicated search engines. You will often notice that videos are displayed as an option in the Google search engine whenever you’re looking for information about a particular topic. When your virtual assistant is in charge of your video marketing this can give you added flexibility in terms of your overall business visibility.


Next time we shall look at Ideas for Outsourcing Your Financial Record Keeping Online.


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